Welcome to Bayside Hapkido


What is Hapkido?

Hapkido is a pure self-defence system. It consists of joint-locks, throws, punches, kicks and counter techniques for defense in all distances (short, middle and far distance, sitting, lying, etc.).

It also combines weapon techniques (knife, sword, short and long-staff, cane, rope etc.). Through diversion, detour and fixation techniques, as well by mental influence and nerve pressure point techniques opposing attacks are brought under control.

You will learn:

Basic and Advanced Kicking

Locks and Breaks

Throws and Sweeps

Knife Defence

Weaponry Skills

Meditation and Relaxation

What can it do for you?

A common worry is that martial arts training will encourage violence or aggression in people. With rare exceptions, the opposite will prove true. You can discover an inner confidence and strength, which enables you to move beyond the need to prove yourself physically.

People that train frequently find that they have the courage to walk away from an explosive situation.

The discipline from martial arts is beneficial to both men and women.

Ken Mahony studied for ten years under the guidance of Grandmaster  Ghorbani

Ken Mahony with Grandmaster Jae Han Ji, Valencia, Spain, Seminar 06